Look for Less: The Satchel

I have to say, I’m not big on purses. I love messenger bags or cross body bags, or better yet, backpacks. All I need is a bag that’s easy, simple, yet still stylish, which can hold all my books.

However, a few months ago I bought a nice big leather tote purse that has dark brown handles and details and a cream leather body. And I have to say, I love it! I can stuff so much stuff in it, so it’s great for school or travelling, etc. After getting used to carrying a purse around, I decided I would search for a new bag that’s not too fancy, yet not as casual as my usual over-the-shoulder grab-and-go bag.

Thus, I’ve had my eyes on the recently exploding trend, the satchel.

Due to the popularity of brands like Proenza Schouler and Mulberry, the satchel has been coveted by many, including me.

Mulberry Satchel: $1450

Proenza Schouler Medium Leather bag: $1595

Unfortunately, you need to spend serious amounts of cash for these bags (thousands of dollars…do the prices of these brand name purses still surprise you too? They still seem outrageous to me). So, I looked up some similar styles that are reasonable, yet are still of decent quality.

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A New Beginning

Welcome to fashiondimsum!

We’re two sisters from the San Francisco Bay Area, Cathay and Jennifer (Cathay is pronounced “Kuh-TAY” and Jennifer is pronounced… well, “Jennifer”!!).  Like all sisters, we bicker, we argue, and we’re in completely different stages of our lives.  But put a laptop between us, take us on a shopping spree, cook us a meal or send us on an adventure in some far corner of the world and we are happy as can be!  So here’s our effort to bridging the gap–consider it our salud to our mutual love of fashion, food, and travel, and a celebration of all the wonderful things sisterhood can bring.

~Jennifer and Cathay