Minimalism comes in small packages.

Do you have something you collect?

Something that you are drawn to when you go shopping?

Maybe you love pink nail polishes…even though you have 10 already. Or maybe you can’t get enough of little black dresses (really, do you need 6?).

Well, to me, there’s nothing better than going to staples or office max and staring at the rows and rows of pens, pencils, and markers. I love looking at the different colored gel pens and packs of assorted stationary and testing them on little scraps of paper, feeling how smooth they write and how the color comes out.

I don’t know why, but I find writing to be incredibly soothing. Somehow, I find great satisfaction in buying a new pen and feeling it glide on crisp white paper, leaving behind a clean line of ink. I love filling pages with writing with a nice ball point pen, like those squishy bic pens you can buy in bulk packs, or tracing drawings with those fancy fine point pens that always seem to leak through paper. Every pen is unique and can provide a different sort of artistic outlet.

So, it’s not surprising that even my love for all things related to stationary has been affected by an obsession with minimalism. I’m totally obsessed with these slightly futuristic, elegant looking pens and pencils, sheathed in crystal clear exteriors.

Muji Polycarbonate Ball Point Pen 

Muji Polycarbonate Mechanical Pencil

 Pilot Prismee Ballpoint Pens


Hi-Tec C 5 Color Pens


Super Grip Shaker Pencils

More Muji?

~following pictures courtesy of google. These pens are only in stores and not available online :( It’s too bad the online selection is so limited!

~ Jennifer

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