Photorealism: Inspiring Art

Ever since I laid my eyes on Chuck Close’s famous paintings, I’ve been entranced by photorealism. Although it seems uninspiring to just copy something perfectly, I appreciate realism because in order to capture such intense detail, the artist must understand their subject and medium at a level deeper than any other style of art. It’s similar to what people say about rock climbing–how it works muscles you never knew existed.  Achieving realism requires looking at things more closely than you’ve ever looked, and reveals details you may have never known existed.  That level of observation takes great finesse and great skill to achieve.

Big Self Portrait

Chuck Close


Glenn Ray Tutor

Cat’s Eyes & Best of ‘Em

Charles Bell


Audrey Flack

South Ken

Clive Head

One of my favorite artists practicing photorealism is Yigal Ozeri, although his paintings are controversial since he often paints young girls half nude or nude. Either way, I find the paintings frighteningly good at capturing real beauty, a kind of beauty that is effortless.

“Lizzie in the Snow”

Yigal Ozeri


Yigal Ozeri

“Megan in the Park”

Yigal Ozeri


Yigal Ozeri

Check out Yigal Ozeri’s collections here and here.

I still can’t believe these are oil paintings on canvas!


One thought on “Photorealism: Inspiring Art

  1. I doubt that what you say about realism and understanding is really the case in relation to photorealism. I think the photorealists would be the first to say that the work is much more ‘surface’ than that. Understanding is an illusion anyway. What they do is present you with a photo, painted, matter of fact. Blown up and painted with an airbrush or whatever so that there is no trace of the artist’s hand or ‘expression’.
    You might be interested in my blog about the photorealist painter John Salt at

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