Both Cathay and I love reading The Food Pornographer, a blog written about by a woman who loves sharing her photos of real food. This Australian foodie makes Cathay and I drool over her pictures of home cooked meals and junk food, which somehow put fine dining to shame.

As I hungrily scroll through pictures of bacon and eggs, McDonald’s, Chinese takeout, and home-cooked stir fry’s, I came across a word The Food Pornographer uses frequently – “morish.”

Morish…also spelled “moreish,” is one of those British words that doesn’t seem to have an equivalent in American English. It’s a perfect little adjective that means “causing one to want more.”

So, I thought it would be the perfect word to use for this post on one of my favorite desserts…Brownies!

I’ve been having crazy cravings for this perfect dessert – a perfect combination of chocolatey, chewy, sweet, decadent, melting awesomeness. Check out these morish morsels from other food bloggers, which I would love to try:

Rainy Day Gal~

Brownies as They Should be

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies


Cookies ‘N Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies


Or how bout putting your brownie in a cookie?


Bakerella – Pillow Cookies



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