Tribal Faux Gauges

Okay, okay. I have to admit, I’m too much of a wimp to expand my pierced ears with gauges. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have huge holes in my ears all the time, since it looks pretty strange without the earrings in (to me, just my personal opinion).

However, I appreciate how gauge earrings look. I find them aesthetically intriguing and love how they give a rocker vibe to someone’s style. But most of all, I’m jealous of the range of tribal-inspired earrings gauge-wearers get to choose from.

I’ve been getting tired of how all my interesting earrings are dangly ones, since it’s difficult to find studs that aren’t invisible behind my hair. Thus, I’ve found the perfect solution: faux gauge earrings.

I know it’s not the real thing (please don’t hate me!), but I’ve been lusting after some cool wooden tribal earrings.

The widest selection is on Etsy, here are my favorites:

Brialorth Dragon Gauges.

Sundari Earrings


Kavita Earrings

Sorento Wings

 Classic Spirals!

Large Tribal Spirals


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