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Cathay & Jenn

Fashiondimsum is a life & style blog by two sisters, Cathay and Jennifer, living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Like all sisters, we bicker, we argue, and we’re in completely different stages of our lives.  But put a laptop between us, take us on a shopping spree, cook us a meal or send us on an adventure in some far corner of the world and we are happy as can be!  So here’s our effort to bridging the gap–consider it our salud to our mutual love of fashion, food, and travel, and a celebration of all the wonderful things sisterhood can bring.


Are you going to post about food?  Why dim sum!?

First, if you have never had dim sum before and don’t know what the heck we’re talking about, STOP READING. GOOGLE A DIM SUM RESTAURANT NEAR YOU AND GO EAT THERE.  It will be delicious, I promise (unless you are allergic to shrimp or mushrooms, then it’s not so fun – please, nobody do anything stupid).

We grew up eating family style and we love it all – dim sum, tapas, small plates, you name it!  Our mother often says, “Eating is most fun when you have a lot of people eating together, because then you can order a larger variety of dishes!”  No truer words were spoken.  And that’s generally how we feel about art, design, and fashion: the more the merrier, variety is the spice of life, and the only rule is to never sacrifice quality for quantity.  Each post will be a small bite (a tiny taste, a delicious dabble) with big, bold flavors.
We’d love to hear from you!

Got a question?  A story?  A photo you’d like to share?  Email us at fashiondimsum@gmail.com


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