Bouchra Jarrar Fall 2011 Couture

How bout some French couture to inspire your work wardrobe? I love how the pieces have such strong male characteristics (the blazers/suits and officewear, the boxy fit, grey and navy palette,  nice fabrics) yet maintain a feminine image.

Please someone send me all the amazing structured jackets in this collection…especially this oneSee the rest of the collection here.




Yesterday, after much humming and hawing, I purchased a bike. It’s a lovely cream-colored Linus Dutchi 3-speed, perfect for traipsing about the city. I was deciding between the Linus and the Public J Bike (which I believe has been replaced by the C bike), but ended up with the Linus because they began offering a new “Small” size that was ultimately a better fit for my height.  Now I’m looking forward to leaving my car parked and enjoying the summer and fall days on my bike!

(via the Sartorialist)

(via Garance Dore – and yes, although I didn’t realize it before, that is in fact my bike!!)


Alexander Wang Resort 2012

Sorry for so many collection posts, but I couldn’t save this for later. The moment I saw this headline on vogue (click to see entire collection), I was in love. Seriously, my closet would love to marry Alexander Wang’s collection, and they would be satisfied for life.

Athleticism and structure combined with Wang’s signature edgy and wearable style make for a brilliant collection. It was SO difficult to pick my favorites, but here they are:



~ Jennifer

Look for Less: J Crew Sandals

Cathay and I both agree. The J Crew sandals for this season are amazing, lust-worthy, and …expensive.

I mean, just look at them! Perfect nude, tan, and brown shades of luscious leather. An updated version of the “gladiator” sandal. The right number of buckles and details, so as not to look overdone or tacky. Wide, bold, masculine straps to complement Spring and Summer trends of flowy tops and floral dresses.

assorted images can be found at

If you’re like me, you probably agree that shelling out 100-300 bucks is unrealistic (AKA never gonna happen). So I decided to find some similar looks that are guilt-free:

Delias. Blowfish Casita Sandal, $44.50

Delias. Wanted Picnic Cut-Out Sandal, $44.50

Aldo Litecky Sandals, $34.98

Aldo Sanie Sandals, $20

Topshop Hot Tan Strappy Sandals, £22

Loving these Zara color blocking sandals!

Too bad they don’t have more pictures of the color I like! So, if you may, please imagine these beauties:

Zara Three Tone Flat Sandals, $49.90

In this color scheme: (which I prefer!)

Tribal Faux Gauges

Okay, okay. I have to admit, I’m too much of a wimp to expand my pierced ears with gauges. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have huge holes in my ears all the time, since it looks pretty strange without the earrings in (to me, just my personal opinion).

However, I appreciate how gauge earrings look. I find them aesthetically intriguing and love how they give a rocker vibe to someone’s style. But most of all, I’m jealous of the range of tribal-inspired earrings gauge-wearers get to choose from.

I’ve been getting tired of how all my interesting earrings are dangly ones, since it’s difficult to find studs that aren’t invisible behind my hair. Thus, I’ve found the perfect solution: faux gauge earrings.

I know it’s not the real thing (please don’t hate me!), but I’ve been lusting after some cool wooden tribal earrings.

The widest selection is on Etsy, here are my favorites:

Brialorth Dragon Gauges.

Sundari Earrings


Kavita Earrings

Sorento Wings

 Classic Spirals!

Large Tribal Spirals