For some reason, I am extremely picky when it comes to desktop wallpaper images. The image has to convey a sense of serenity, intrigue, and beauty, in order to pass my test (sometimes a particularly funny or color image may work as well). Usually this means my wallpaper ends up being a beautiful nature scene or some abstract collage.

I’ve finally given in and decided I’m too tired to search for the right image, so I’ve been rotating these images on a 15-30 minutes interval basis (just look at your desktop settings), so I’m always satisfied!

(P.S. It turns out this is only a problem when I’m looking for the right picture. Later, I wonder to myself why I wasted so much time -_- Story of my life.)

All wallpapers found here.






Yesterday, after much humming and hawing, I purchased a bike. It’s a lovely cream-colored Linus Dutchi 3-speed, perfect for traipsing about the city. I was deciding between the Linus and the Public J Bike (which I believe has been replaced by the C bike), but ended up with the Linus because they began offering a new “Small” size that was ultimately a better fit for my height.  Now I’m looking forward to leaving my car parked and enjoying the summer and fall days on my bike!

(via the Sartorialist)

(via Garance Dore – and yes, although I didn’t realize it before, that is in fact my bike!!)