Blow at Life

Contrary to its name, the blog Blow at Life is pretty awesome at life and is quickly becoming a huge source of artistic inspiration for me. I love every single post/piece or work I see, because each one is unique and intriguing due to the use of intense colors and line detail.

I know I just had a recent post about Irina Vinnik, but this post is slightly different. I love Vinnik’s works for being intricate, as if I were to analyze a complex puzzle, but artist Lawrence Yang of Blow at Life is able to inspire me with his watercolor and ink drawings like I’m watching a Pixar movie on a canvas.

Check out my favorites:

Big Doodle 2

051111 Experiment
Sleep with the Fishes

Sunset MeetingSun and MoonSnailPigsTwo BearsPlane Doodle


Heart of DarknessBaitMechanical HeartFish CatcherCosmosI love the little white cartoon characters Yang uses. They remind me of the cute forest creatures in Princess Mononoke. Especially in this piece: